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Aileen’s PMP Sample Question- 1st thing in Scope Management

Aileen’s PMP Exam Sample Question- 1st thing in Scope Management Your organization has struggled with scope management. While running projects it is often confusing to the team what work will be part of the project and what work will not be part of the project. Therefore you have decided on your current project to put a much stronger focus on scope management. At an early team meeting members of the core team are arguing as to what is really the first thing to do to address this issue. You tell them we must focus first on: a. working with stakeholders


PMP Exam Prep Study Plan by Aileen Ellis, PgMP, PMP

Study Plan Overview Hello and welcome to Aileen’s PMP Study Plan. If you do not already own these five books my suggestion would be to go to amazon and purchase the books. All the books are available in print format and several of the books are available in e-book format. Note that amazon carries these books in multiple countries, not just at NOTE: If you have registered to attend a PMP Exam Prep Live with Aileen these books will be shipped directly to you. No need to purchase the books. • PMBOK Guide 5th Edition • PMP Exam Simplified-