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PMP® EXAM ONLINE Questions and Detailed Solutions-5th Edition

BookArtPMPexamonlinePrice: $99 US/ for up to 60 days of access

Become a subscriber to our popular PMP® EXAM ONLINE Questions and Detailed Solutions. Receive 60 days of on-line access to the industry’s leading set of PMP® exam practice questions and solutions.







  • Over 1, 000 sample questions
    The database currently includes over 1, 000 sample questions. More questions are being added weekly.
  • Four times the learning from each question
    How many times have you understood why the right answer is good but not fully understood why your choice is wrong. This online tool gives you access to explanations of why the best answer is best but also why the wrong answers are wrong.
  • User Directed Learning
    Since you direct the areas you study on-line, you can focus your study time on the areas that will be of the most benefit to you.
  • Exam Oriented
    This service is completely exam-oriented. The on-line tool allows you to take a timed sample exam and have it graded in seconds. This will prepare you for real exam like no other known technique.
  • Includes hundreds of references
    References are included so you can go to the PMBOK® Guide or other source to obtain more information.

Here is an example of what a question and solution look like in the Exam Online.

A question:







The solution: