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PMP® Exam Online Self Study Program with Aileen

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Become a subscriber to Aileen’s “in development” PMP® Exam Online Self Study Program”. Let your feedback drive the organization and format of Aileen’s new online self-study program.

While Aileen would love for you to attend her live face-to-face PMP® training, it may not be practical for everyone. The next best option is to participate in Aileen’s PMP® Online Self Study Program.

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PMP® and CAPM® Online Sample Questions and Solutions

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Become a subscriber to Aileen’s popular PMP® Exam Online Sample Questions and Detailed Solutions. Receive 60 days of on-line access to the industry’s leading set of PMP® exam practice questions and solutions.

How many times have you understood why the right answer is good but not fully understood why your choice is wrong? This online tool gives you access to explanations of why the best answer is best and why the wrong answers are wrong.

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