The leaders within any organization understand that success depends upon the quality and effectiveness of the working relationships between people. Aileen will help you understand your own motivations and strengths and give you a better understanding of the motivation and strengths of others. As you become more aware of yourself and others, new choices become possible. This day is about helping you make those choices and setting on a course to build your leadership and management skills through more productive relationships. Based on Aileen’s book, Chartering Your Course for Effective Communication, this workshop will be filled with real life examples, which demonstrate the applicability of the ideas. You will be able to practice applying the ideas during the session and then immediately implement the ideas at work, at home and in your communities.


Target Audience:

Project managers as well as other professionals who want to enhance their leadership, project management, team building and coaching skills.


Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization and your communities by being better able to:

  • Lead Others
    • Participants learn about the four basic leadership styles, and when and where these styles are likely to be most productive: Management by Enablement, Management by Direction, Management by Exception and Management by Consensus.
  • Mentor and Coach
    • The focus is on building on the personal strengths of yourself and others. The participant will learn to understand not only what brings an individual a sense of self-worth and dignity but how to recognize and develop reward- rich environments.
  • Manage Conflict
    • Conflict can be warranted (people do not agree on the goal) and unwarranted (people agree on the goal but there is disagreement about how to accomplish the goal). As students learn to identify whether conflict is warranted or unwarranted, they make more informed choices about how to manage conflict. Conflict management strategies that recognize and respect the needs of all parties are most likely to result in win-win outcomes.

Reference Material: Seminar includes the Strength Development Inventory as well as Aileen’s latest book, Chartering your Course for Effective Communication.

Instructional Methods: Inventory, group exercises, stories, self-reflection in an engaging and fun learning environment. This seminar requires full student participation.

Contact Aileen at [email protected] or 719-659-3658 for more information.