Project Success through World Class Planning Workshop

Project Success is measured by Customer Satisfaction, repeat business, and customer referrals.

Workshop Objectives:

Define strategies for Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing Projects with a focus on:

  • The project charter- development and approval
  • Stakeholder identification, analysis and expectations management
  • Communicating, specifically in highly technical environments
  • Risk Management
  • Gap Analysis of present Project Management methodology with desired methodology as well as ideas to move toward desired goals

Note- this workshop is case study driven and extremely hands on.

Other results obtained from training:

  • Project managers increase their ability as well as confidence to manage projects
  • Project managers move from tracking to truly managing projects
  • The organization moves to a common terminology for project management
  • The organization begins to develop or improve their project management processes and a common methodology

Contact Aileen at [email protected] or 719-659-3658 for more information.

Workshop may be provided in a two day or three day format, based on customer needs.