Project Management Professional (PMP)<sup>®</sup> Exam Online Self Study Program with Aileen

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Price:  $79/month of access. Price includes:

  • access to Aileen’s PMP® Exam Online Self Study Membership Program area with dozens of videos
  • access to hundreds of sample questions and solutions
  • weekly live or ‘recorded’ sessions with Aileen

NOTE: This is a membership site.
1. Your credit card will be billed monthly until you cancel.
2. Contact hours are not awarded for participation in a membership site. If you require contact hours, please see our PMP® Exam Online Workshop -35 Contact hours

This fully online membership area is designed specifically for those project managers who:

  • do not require 35 contact hours to submit their PMP® application
  • prefer to learn on their time frame
  • prefer not to travel to a face to face workshop


Suggested Materials:

It is suggested that you purchase the following books.  Most of the books are available in print and e-book format.

This online PMP® Exam Self Study Membership Program is similar to Aileen’s face-to-face workshop. The  Online Self Study Program includes:

  • dozens of short videos of Aileen teaching the same content she teaches in her live face-to face workshops
  • PDFs of critical information including such topics as Aileen’s famous study plan as well as the required equation list, the list of names to know for the exam, etc.
  • links to pertinent documents
  • hundreds of sample questions


The benefits of an Online Self Study Membership Program include:

  • moving through the material at your own pace and not the pace of the fastest or slowest person in the training room
  • having access to dozens of videos that you may play multiple times until you are sure you have a firm understanding of the material
  • email support directly from Aileen as long as your subscription is active.  Feel free to email Aileen as little or as often as needed to get timely answers to your pertinent questions

Why Aileen and AME Group Inc.:

  • Program facilitated by Aileen Ellis, PMP, PgMP. Aileen has personally helped over thousands of professionals prepare for their PMP® Credential through her workshops and books.
  • Aileen will be your coach. She will personally coach you through the entire PMP® Certification process from submitting your PMP® Application to completing the workshop and successfully passing the PMP® Exam.
  • You will have access to the AME Group’s online PMP Membership program  that includes a database of over 1, 000 PMP® sample questions and solutions.
  • The program walks you through step by step so you learn at a relaxed pace and can reap optimal benefits from the program.
  • The program prepares participants for the PMP® exam and at the same time facilitates a real world understanding of how to manage projects.
  • AME Group is Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) through the Project Management Institute.
  • Aileen has attended the PMI® North American Leadership Conference and the Global Congress, often as an invited speaker, to stay current on PMI® and the PMP® Exam, every year for the last eight years

Purpose of the Program:
The primary purpose of the program is to help professionals obtain their Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential. The PMP® exam is the profession’s most globally recognized and respected credential. The PMP® designation following an individual’s name tells the organization and your customers that this individual has demonstrated a solid foundation of knowledge from which they can competently practice project management. Often a secondary affect of the program is organizations develop (or update) their project management methodology based on ideas reviewed in the program.



For a participant to apply to take the PMP® Certification exam the student must meet certain basic criteria.

  • a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent) and a minimum 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours training in a classroom related to management/project management


  • a four year degree and a minimum of 4500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours in a classroom related to project management


Elements of the Program:

  • recommendations related to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
    • what sections to read
    • what figures to review
    • what are the most important ideas to understand
  • multiple videos examining the inputs and outputs of the current process
  • a longer video where Aileen
    • reviews tools and techniques
    • compares and contrasts ideas (ex.  Do you know the difference between an audit and an inspection)
    • walks you step by step through the trickier sample questions
      • what are the key words in the question
      • why are each of the wrong answers wrong
      • why is the right answer right
  • post-quizzes- after many sections so you can test what you have learned
  • mini-exams –after each process group to test what you have learned
  • a final exam- 200 questions that represent the real exam