Professional Development Units (PDU)s

Project Success through World Class Planning Workshop

Workshop Objectives:

Project success is often defined as delivering a product (or service) that meets requirements on time and within budget. While this is a good definition of project success there are other very important elements:

  • a customer that thinks so highly of your work they purchase from you again and recommend you to others
  • a team that knows they delivered a quality product and respect and value each other enough that they want to work together again
  • team members who believe they contributed to project success and along the way obtained new knowledge and skills

Come to an interactive, case study driven workshop that leads to the achievement of each of these success factors.


The leaders within any organization understand that success depends upon the quality and effectiveness of the working relationships between people. Aileen will help you understand your own motivations and strengths and give you a better understanding of the motivation and strengths of others. As you become more aware of yourself and others, new choices become possible. This day is about helping you make those choices and setting on a course to build your leadership and management skills through more productive relationships.

Based on Aileen’s book, Chartering Your Course for Effective Communication, this workshop will be filled with real life examples, which demonstrate the applicability of the ideas. You will be able to practice applying the ideas during the session and then immediately implement the ideas at work, at home and in your communities.

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