PMP® Exam Sample Question- Cancel Project due to regulation with Aileen Ellis


PMP® Exam Sample Question- Cancel Project due to regulation with Aileen Ellis

In this PMP® Exam Sample Question we look at what we should do if a new regulation is added that causes us to cancel the project. This sample question would be appropriate for those project managers working toward their PMP® certification as well as those project managers working toward their CAPM® certification.
As I read this question and the possible answers I ask myself:

  • do I know what process I am in?  Most likely based on the four possible answers this question is related to plan risk responses.
  • Then I ask;  is the question related to a threat or an opportunity?  Based on the idea that I am going to cancel the project I assume the question relates to a threat.
  • Are there any answers you an eliminate because the question relates to a threat and not an opportunity? I would eliminate answer (c) as EXPLOIT relates to opportunities only and not threats.
  • For me the hard choice is between Mitigate and Avoid.  Remember that Avoid is extreme mitigation.

A resource that may help you is:  PMP® Exam Simplified Book page 202 (page number dependent on version of book you have purchased).


For a detailed explanation of the solution to this PMP sample question please see:

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