PMP® Exam Sample Question- Incentives and Complete work with Aileen Ellis


PMP® Exam Sample Question- Incentives and Complete work with Aileen Ellis

In this PMP® Exam Sample Question we look at setting up a contract that includes financial incentives where the supplier is obligated to complete the work. This sample question would be appropriate for those project managers working toward their PMP® certification and CAPM® certification.
PMP Exam -Incentives and Completion with Aileen Ellis.

As I read this question and the possible answers I ask myself:

  • do I know what process I am in? I believe I am in the process Plan Procurement Management.
  • Do I know if the question is asking about an input, tool and technique or output?
  • The question is asking about the input, organizational process assets and specifically contract types.
  • What are the key phrases in the question? One is “financial incentives”. Another one is “obligated to complete the work”

A resource that may help you is: PMP® Exam Simplified page 208 and 209. Note: the exact pages will be determined by the edition of the book you own.

For a detailed explanation of the solution to this PMP® sample question please see:

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