PMP® Exam Sample Question- Probability and Impact Matrix with Aileen Ellis

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PMP® Exam Sample Question- Probability and Impact Matrix with Aileen Ellis

In this PMP® Exam Sample Question we look at risks in the red zone (dark gray zone) of the probability and impact matrix and what to do with those risks. This sample question would be appropriate for those project managers working toward their PMP® certification.
PMP® Exam Sample Question on Probailibty and Impact Matrix with Aileen Ellis

As I read this question and the possible answers I ask myself:

  • do I know what process I am in? I believe I am in the process Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Do I know if the question is asking about an input, tool and technique or output?
  • The question is asking about the tool and technique of Probability and impact matrix
  • Can I visualize that tool and technique? Do I know what the red zone means?

A resource that may help you is: PMBOK® Guide Figure 11-10.

For a detailed explanation of the solution to this PMP sample question please see:

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